Whisky King III

Out on the sea
Once upon a time
A forlorn ship
Resting calm as the days went by

A gust of wind
Fell down from the sky
Hit the earth and sea
The waves rose high

The greatest storm began
Dance of a thousand deaths
The howling winds blew away the seas
Two worlds colliding

Bare ocean floor
Between two ocean walls
The ship descends
Down to the netherworlds

There they are
Fighting for their souls
The long lost crew
And the Whisky king too

The darkest winter ends
We're alive again my friends
The ocean far the sea
The star leads on
The journey awaits

Brothers sing along with me
Glory majesty unity
Fought through the dark
Rise with the your men
Hail the Whisky king's free again

Hausgemachter Porno
Scheiss Egal
Dicke Eier
Alte Zeiten
Wo die Vögel schlafen
Na gut Sabine
Edge Of Darkness