Jalapeños el mejor chili del mundo
Se sirve en orim solo con burguesas

Got a carte du jour problem
El enigma profundiza
We got a custom order
Dos jalapenos pizza

What we gonna do about it
Cannot let them bastards at it
Got only one two three peppers
Reserved for them fucking burgers

Jalapenos para burguesas

Conundrum of jalapenos
What do we serve them muchachos
Let's give them habaneros
No sirve para un cerebro

Guess they won't even notice
Or that we have to tell them even
Sure they'd agree with back office
La solucion es imposible

Jalapenos para burguesas

Hausgemachter Porno
Scheiss Egal
Dicke Eier
Alte Zeiten
Wo die Vögel schlafen
Na gut Sabine
Edge Of Darkness