Ball And Roll

It seems like long ago
When we met down at the show
We were just kids
Singing along to Maidens greatest hits

Instantly we felt the vibe
Got to break loose and feel alive
Soar up high on the wings of music

And down we bury all the ashes
The blows we got along the way
Still the heart is burning bright
At the end of the day
Time goes by
Still we are the same

Our dreams unite
We march and fight
Shining bright so far away
In the dead of the night

Still moving on
We're standing strong
So much more to say
About beer boobs and ball and roll

Never mind the days of past
The dream will always live and last
Carry us home
Through the raging of the storm

The way unfolds abide
Gotta see that place inside
Reaching unbound
For the everlasting sky

Hausgemachter Porno
Scheiss Egal
Dicke Eier
Alte Zeiten
Wo die Vögel schlafen
Na gut Sabine
Edge Of Darkness