Growing jalapenos and drinking mescal caused Pedro's excruciating hallucinations. Falling frogs nightmares drove him to the brink of madness. Returning to New Ball City (Mexico), the place where it all began, turned out to be a great idea, even if the therapy of Pedro´s obsession with frogs was not a complete success.

In the catacombs beneath the historic psychiatric building of professor J.G.Lopez, the band discovered a centuries-lost portal to hell. Signing a pact with the Devil was the only reasonable solution to achieve worldwide fame and recognition after 18 failed attempts (Into The Fire, 2024).


Ice melted, roads freed up and we are finally on our way to Würzburg again (Wo die Vögel schlafen, 2023). Huge beer stock from Würzburger Hofbräu is piled up to be shipped with us to Mexico (Jalapenos, 2023).


The retreat in the mountain camp was a success. The band entered on another musical adventure leaving all remaining brainlessness behind. Open to new possibilities they sensed an interference of extraterrestrial intelligence bringing new knowledge that a Better Place for everyone really exists (Better Place, 2022).

Enchanted by the surreal beatific vision, time came to a halt and space lost its dimensions. But even eternity is not eternal and eventually the sap dries out. We woke up and found ourselves back in the summer camp. It was already winter (Winter Descends, 2022).


Band members are searching for cause of the global pandemic. On the Chinese coast, near the city of Wuchan, they discovered well preserved remains of an old pirates' ship. Inside it piles of Old Scotch Ale barrels, some containing weird looking dead rats were found, which were probably the first carriers of the dangerous disease (Old Scotch Ale, 2021)

After a demanding expedition, the band retreated to a mountain hut in the heart of untouched nature. In meditation together, they try to forget about the brainless world (Brainless, 2021).


The period of theological contemplation was interrupted by a worldwide pandemic situation. Due to the lack of beer and live performances, the group began to meet again at therapies, where they found mutual symbiosis with the brilliant composer pianist TOMAS and young esoteric fairy JULIA.

Together, they decided to visit the Mecca of schlager-metal, Würzburg, Germany and especially the famous court brewery (Würzburger Hofbräu, 2020).

2017 - 2019

This was a period of the darkest darkness (Into Nothingness, 2017) followed by health problems of band members (Itching Balls, 2018). It already looked like a definitive fateful end (Dead End, 2018).

It was then, however, that the sky opened and
PEDRO descended to Earth, accompanied by two angels who brought a whole new perspective on faith and the Immaculate Conception (Wrong Hole, 2019).


At the beginning of the summer of 2016, DRAKO decided that there is nomore him. His place in the band was soon replaced by a talented young solo guitarist MATTY, who, however, very quickly found love in jazz music and broke his spiritual contact with the band. He was last seen at the world famous Bratislava Conservatory.

2014 - 2015

Together with the new wampire guitarist DRAKO were completed several mental visits to Botswana (Beer In Botswana, 2014), NYC (Fan Of Myself, 2015), Mexico (Live Up To Your Sins, 2015), Australia (Balls Forever, 2015), Brazil (Unstoppable, 2016) and Scotland (Whiskey Tale, 2016).


, PEAT and DADDY met at the psychiatric session of prof. J.G. Lopez in New Balls City, Mexico.

MIKEY claimes he was abducted by extraterrestrials, subjected to various split-brain experiments and probably infected with alien DNA. Diagnosis: Compulsive clairaudience.
PEAT went crazy while working in a metronome manufacturing company. His specialization was the fine-tuning of high speed metronomes. Diagnosis: Dysrhythmic disorder.
DADDY was found naked in the Kalahari desert accompanied by a pack of hyenas. He claims they taught him proper psychedelic screams. Diagnosis: Vox fistula persistance.

Subjects´ unrelated daily activities exhibited patterns of a common endeavour. This obnoxious art performance somehow distantly related to rock and roll. The recording from these BALLSQUEEZER sessions has been preserved (Don't Let Her Squeeze Your Balls, 2013).

est. 2013