Sandal Man

Born to live free
in every country
Son of the wild
Feel the fresh breeze on the great plains
Not afraid to die

Unchained like a horse riding the sky
Wings spread wide
Filled with joy deep in the heart
Eternity´s mine

I´m the Sandal Man
Looking for God
Roaming through this world
True friend to find

I´m the Sandal Man
I'm on this path
Looking for God
Looking for God

Across the valleys
Mountain ranges wide
Oceans and seas
The sun is setting in the endless sky
Flames burning within

Keep holding on
Through the dark of night
The winter storms
One with the burning
Heart inside
Part of the Universe

I roam through this world
Of joy and pain
The sweetness of love
The scorching flames

Can´t hold back the tears
Falling up to the stars
Touching the face of god
Looking through his eyes

Cinnamon Girl
On The Chin
Never Again
Beer, Boobs and Rock´n´Roll
Shut Up
Leave You Behind
Fan Of Myself
Keep Goin´