Fan Of Myself

Looking in the mirror
Smiling like a winner
Holy Saint or Sinner?
Im The RocknRoll killer

On the headlines in prime time
Topping charts aint no crime
TV shows and Interviews
Yeah baby I´ve got the blues

Posters of me on the wall
Smiling, frowning got the Balls
Frenzy crowds screaming my name
I am the KingLord to make your day

Practising hard all day?
Dont be fool, thats not the way
Boasting about all day long
Got the talent, is that wrong?

Master of all instruments
Playing love songs and hard tracks
Listen to me and you may cry
Ballsqueezer, will never die

All of my cheering fans
They will get the experience
In a giant rockstar show
In the garage back at home

Cinnamon Girl
On The Chin
Never Again
Beer, Boobs and Rock´n´Roll
Shut Up
Leave You Behind
Fan Of Myself
Keep Goin´