Wake Up With Sinners

The time has come to show me what you’ve got
The stage is set Let’s start next round

Enough of angel choirs singing at your ear
The sound of freaking hell Is what you’ll hear

Forget the past, things that you have seen
Ain’t no easy way out of this bloody dream

This is a one-night stand of agony and blood
This is the evolution of mankind

Wake up with sinners, wake up with thieves
Wake up with sinners, Is what you please
Wake up with sinners, Wake up with thieves
Wake up with sinners, some balls to squeeze

If you’ll be thinking that you are getting through
Crawl out the dead end and start anew

This is not holidays nor it’s a fairytale
It’s fuckin‘ hurricane that you are in

There’ll come a day when you’re ready to fall
You’ll stop to try it’s when you hit the wall

Peace of mind will come and the meaning of it all
Once you’ll get to know the dark side of you soul

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Against The Dark Skies
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Don´t Let Her Squeeze Your Balls
Wake Up With Sinners