On The Run

Sir can you tell me
The way to the local bar
You see I'm new here
Can you show me around?

I'm thirsting for a beer
And a drink or two
Yes, I'd be happy
If you could join me too

I am a whisky lover
Coming to your town
To drink some scotch
And have some fun

Sir we can drink
Until the night is through
Then drink some more
But that's up to you

Say, are you into
A little game of cards?
No tricks I promise
Let me buy some rounds

We'll play and drink
And if you wanna sing
I know an irish tune
That will make your ears ring

I am a skillful gamester
Coming to your town
To play some cards
And rob some folks around

Oh, we can play
Until the morning blue
Than play some more
But that's up to you

Oh, I can't believe
This winning streak of mine
Sir, I am sorry
You'll have better luck next time

It's been a pleasure
We had a lot of fun
But now excuse me
'Cause I'm on the run

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